Trawana Lashell        My name is Trawana Lashell H., and I am the Board Chair of Survivors with a Testimony Inc. I was born in New Bern, NC on November 6, 1970. I am the proud mother of two sons and 3 grandsons.  I work for the State of North Carolina.  I have worked in the medical field as a Certified Medical Assistant, security as a Site Supervisor, Mental Health as Office Manager/Administrative Assistant and I have an Associate of Science in Medical Billing and Coding.

What made you join the SWAT  Organization?

          I am a Survivor of Domestic Violence and I have seen it growing up as a child on many levels.  I have a desire to help those who are going through this because you are not alone.  This is a vicious cycle and needs to be screamed about!

What is your role in organization

          I am appointed as the Board Chair for the organization.  I do a lot of behind-the-scenes meetings and making sure the organization is running properly to the best of my ability.  I enjoy what I do, and it gets hectic sometimes but that is what drives me, knowing this organization is one of many who really cares for those that are experiencing this devastation.  No one should have to experience Domestic Violence and that is why I have a love for being a part of the team because that is what we are A Team!

What is your vision for the organization

          I want to see the organization be worldwide and to be able to help anyone anywhere!  Domestic Violence knows NO COLOR, NO FINANCE, and NO RELIGION it strikes where you least think and it needs to be addressed in our government, our churches, our schools and in our workplaces.  No one should be afraid to speak out! And that is my vision.

Trawana Lashell

Board Chair

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