C. Dewayne Hinnant       

Author of The Ripple Effect: The Lasting Affects of Domestic Violence, shines a spotlight on the epidemic of Domestic Violence, which effects 1.3 million women.  The book, The Ripple Effect, details the effects of long-term exposure to Domestic Violence and delves into the different areas it affects.  One act of Domestic Violence can have reverberations that can ripple through a community. It details how the ripples from abuse can have long lasting damage after the original event has passed.   The Ripple Effect: The Lasting Affects of Domestic Violence

In 2009, while employed with the Human Relations Department of the City of Durham, NC, Mr. Hinnant co-chaired a Domestic Violence Task Force.  Each day he chaired the task force, he heard victims and survivors horrifying stories of physical and mental abuse. 

Many of these stories often would end in a loss of life, either the abuser killing the victim or the opposite. The increase in Domestic Violence cases resulted in The City of Durham establishing its own Domestic Violence court.

What made you join the SWAT  Organization?

 I saw the work that Vernita was still doing during the pandemic to bring awareness about Domestic Violence, which helps me to advocate and  expose the truth about Domestic Violence, to show it runs the gambit of who it affects: white, black, young, old, rich, or poor.

What is your role in organization

          I am appointed as the Vice Chair for the organization. I offer support to the Board Chair and substitute leadership when needed. I also fill-in for the Chair, co-host podcast, program development, and fundraising for the organization.

What is your vision for the organization

          I want to see the Survivors With A Testimony Inc (S.W.A.T. Inc.) organization  branching out from its local demographics to state and national to provide resources for  Domestic Violence

Mr. C. Dewayne Hinnant

Vice Chair

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