Lataejah R. Jones

          My name is Lataejah Jones and I am the Chief Financial Officer for Breaking the Silence on Domestic Violence.  I was born in Pitt County on February 19, 1998.  I am the daughter of Vernita Howard (Wallace), Jimmy (Lisa)Brown (Biological Father); Christopher Jones (Angela), all who loves me unconditionally.  August I  became the proud mother of 1 daughter: Ms. Royalty P. High. I am a proud sister of the following: Tykia Jones, Naishell, Shantiqua, Jasmine, Yasmine, Jamir, Jarius, Jamod, Jordynn, & Diona. My proud and joy is my nephew Jordan Reeves and I have host of nieces and nephews that I love.

          I graduated from North Pitt High School and is currently enrolled at Shaw University working on my Bachelors of Arts in Sociology Minor Criminal Justice. So yes, I am a BEAR looking forward to 2020.

          I am a very outgoing young lady. Eager to learn and make a difference in my community. I joined the organization because I want to see everyone made aware of what domestic abuse is and know the different types, I want them to be able to see it and recognize it and know that it is people who will stand for WOMEN, MEN & CHILDREN RIGHTS. I want to make a difference in especially young women lives like myself to let them know there is a way out.

          I saw it in my home and I have seen my mother come out strong and WINNING but I know that everyone doesn’t make it out of abuse ALIVE. 

Changing lives so that everyone can have MAMA’s LOGO #MYLIFEISMYSTORY

Lataejah R. Jones

Chief Financial Officer

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