Lataejah R. Jones

          is the Chief Financial Officer for Breaking the Silence on Domestic Violence. She was born in Pitt County on February 19, 1998.  She is the daughter of Vernita Howard (Wallace), Jimmy (Lisa) Brown (Biological Father); Christopher Jones (Angela), all who love her unconditionally.  In August, she became the proud mother of 1 daughter: Ms. Royalty P. High. Lataejah is also a proud sister of the following: Tykia Jones, Naishell, Shantiqua, Jasmine, Yasmine, Jamir, Jarius, Jamod, Jordynn, & Diona. Her pride and joy is her nephew Jordan Reeves and she has a host of nieces and nephews that she loves as well.

          ILataejah graduated from North Pitt High School and is currently enrolled at Shaw University working on her Bachelors of Arts in Sociology Minor Criminal Justice. She is a BEAR looking forward to 2020.

          She is a very outgoing young lady and eager to learn and make a difference in her community. Lataejah joined the organization because she wants to see everyone become aware of what domestic abuse is and know the different types. She wants people to be able to see the signs, recognize them and know that there are people who will stand for WOMEN, MEN & CHILDREN RIGHTS. Lataejah wants to make a difference in the lives of young women, like herself to let them know there is a way out.

          I"I saw it in my home and I have seen my mother come out strong and WINNING, but I know that everyone doesn’t make it out of abuse ALIVE. 

Changing lives so that everyone can have MAMA’s LOGO #MYLIFEISMYSTORY

Lataejah R. Jones

Chief Financial Officer