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We have children together

  • Consider any of the items in the other lists that apply to your situation.

  • Pick-ups and drop-offs should be done in a public place with security cameras. If possible, bring friends or family with you.

  • If realistic, limit your contact to that which is necessary for the well-being of your children and arrangements you need to make for them. This can include things like arranging separate meetings with your child’s teachers, limiting your contact to email, dropping your children off at school and having your partner pick them up at the end of the day, or other strategies.

  • Protect your emotional health by planning centering activities before an exchange, and fun activities when you have your children back.

  • Remember that children can be used to monitor your actions and whereabouts or be the pretext for continuing abusive legal actions. An abusive ex-partner could also attempt to undermine your relationship with them. If possible, avoid placing your children in the middle, and seek support for helpful ways of talking about the abuse and strengthening your relationship with them.

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