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What are the warning signs of domestic violence?

Certain types of injuries can act as warning signs that a person may be a victim of (physical) domestic violence.


For example, people who have multiple or repeated injuries without a logical explanation, seem strangely ‘accident prone’, or show tell-tale marks such as bruises, fingernail scratches or cigarette burns.

Other signals of domestic violence you might notice in a friend or relative include:

  • they have lost their confidence or are unusually quiet

  • they seem afraid of their partner

  • they have stopped seeing their friends or family

  • their partner often criticizes them, humiliates them, orders them about or makes all the decisions

  • their partner controls how the other person spends money, what they wear or what they do

  • they often talk about their partner’s bad temper or jealousy (they might regularly accuse the other of flirting or being unfaithful)

  • they say their partner pressures or forces them into sexual activity

  • they have physical injuries, like bruises, broken bonessprains or cuts

  • the children seem afraid of the person or are very withdrawn or anxious

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