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Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Do you have youth between the ages of 7-17. We have a program will teach your youth ages 7-17 about Boundaries |Community Service| Empowerment| Tutoring| Bullying| & Healthy Relationships. Our youth will be active in the community and will learn techniques to deal with anger. Our youth is our future and they have a pledge to honor their parents and community leaders. Our youth pledge that I will not be an accomplice to violence and will not condone violence in any way. I will not watch someone be bullied, picked on, put down or abused.

I pledged that I will be the voice for that person and will speak to a teacher, life coach, community member, adult or a Mentor of SWAT. I pledged to always show kindness, I will not bully nor be disrespectful. I will stand for what I believe and will not allow peer pressure to control me, I will not engage in any activities that condone violence nor abuse.

I will set the example for those around me, I will be respectful, honest and trustworthy. I will be a productive citizen of my community. I will be an active voice for PEACE in my community, church and home. We call upon responsible citizens and officers of government in the local, state and federal levels to seek out and support programs and measures designed to combat youth violence and provide a safe and secure environment for all youth within our community.

Register your child today:

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