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Play the Part

Play the Part

I met this short dark handsome man; I was committed to him, but he was not committed to me. I later learned he was married and when I confronted him, he told me he was leaving her he had to make sure we were an idol first. He was a local drug dealer, and everything didn’t look the way it seemed I just had to play my part when I see him with other women. I fell for him and the lies, and honestly, the sex was the greatest and he always complimented me on how sexy I was.

Until one day the wife came to my home to confront me about her husband and I lied. I confronted him again and this time he let it be known he wasn’t leaving his wife, but I was his and of course, he eluded me with the sex. He would tell me he loves me, and I was so naive I kept allowing him to come and sleep with me. One night I got tired of the lies, and I called him and threaten to tell his wife everything. He didn’t like that he came to my house and punched me in my face, and he grabbed my neck and begin choking me I fainted, and he sat on the edge of the bed when I came through, he made me shower and have sex with him.

He threatens that if I call the police, I will lose my life and my sons. He left I felt so dirty and nasty. The next day I change my locks and then I texted him and said what we have is no longer. You are a monster, and I am not scared of you. If you come to my house, you are going to JAIL. He called me nonstop. He came to the house and was apologizing and telling me I pushed him to his limits I just wouldn’t shut up. Baby, I am so sorry. He said there is an envelope on the chair to help with the bills. I told him to leave, or I would call his wife.

It was like 5-3-2-1 the door hits the floor and I run to my room. I couldn’t lock the door fast enough and he pushed me to the floor and begin punching me and screaming I should have killed your dumb a**. If you call my wife, she was going to kill your dumb a**. Do you think that you are going to destroy my family! We are your family I was screaming I my head. He continues to punch and hit me as he screams and yells at me. Blow after Blow after Blow. I am screaming in my head because he has broken my jaws but then our 13-year-old son walks in and sees him beating me and our son and his friend pull him off me. He hits our son and tells him he would never amount to anything. Enraged with anger my son still tries to protect me. He tells his friend to call the police and his friend runs outside and grabs our ten-year-old and takes him to his house and tells his mother to call the police. When the police come, they catch him in the act of hitting and kicking me. I was bruised so bad you wouldn’t be able to recognize me. He had smashed my face in, broke both jaws, broke my right arm, kicked a hole in my intestines, punched my right eye out of the socket, and broke both of my legs. At one point my son covers my face with his body and his dad kicks him and broke his left foot, kicked out two of his teeth because he wanted to protect me. He was arrested.

While in jail he tries to contact me and I called the county jail. I went to a local domestic violence organization that prayed with me and gave me group support, they went to court with me.

He went to court, and he played his part and was sentenced to ten years and served only five years because of good behavior.

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